Realme charger allegedly explodes and sets house on fire

Exploding batteries in smartphones is not a new case we have seen several reports of smartphones from many smartphone companies caught exploding. While this is the first time Realme charger was exploded and the complete room was burnt.
The incident happened on 19th June 2021 in Hyderabad India, In a Twitter post, she has published that her one-week-old newly bought Realme X7 max charger exploded, resulting in setting her whole room on fire, and luckily none was hurt.

Here’s a source video of the same to see what really happened:

No word from the company yet:

Realme has not commented on the matter & Realme has not officially confirmed explode case and we still waiting for an official response from Realme team.


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  1. John

    Thanks for info, we should stop using cheap realme phones

  2. Sunny

    Realme Seriously?I’m scared to use Realme phone now

  3. Eion

    Lol Chinese chargers transformed to explosive now

  4. A2z review

    We should stop using these Chinese shit
    Btw thanks for sharing
    Looking forward good content 👍

  5. Imap

    This why I don’t use Chinese shit

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