Whatsapp Users Can Now React to Messages With Emojis


  • WhatsApp adds React to message feature for Beta testers
  • Whatsapp has reportedly been working on this feature since Long back
  • With the recent BETA update, WhatsApp has finally enabled the half-baked feature to react to messages with Emojis

Ever felt the need to react to someone’s messages on Whatsapp with an emoji than words, just like you do on Messenger and Instagram Direct messages? Your wish is about to come true.

Whatsapp has reportedly started testing an Instagram-like feature that would allow users to react to Messages just the way they did on Instagram Direct messages. Whatsapp users can currently only Six reactions to messages. This feature is right now under development and available only for BETA testers

Whatsapp’s latest feature draws inspiration from Instagram Facebook and messenger, giving users the ability to react to direct messages with just a simple emoji.

Now, if users would prefer not to type out a reply, they can react to other people’s messages with an appropriate emoji. This can be done by Long pressing on a message and choosing the right emojis.

With the recent BETA update, WhatsApp has finally enabled the half-baked feature to react to messages feature.

Whatsapp version details
Preview of a new feature

Please note that at the moment, Whatsapp React to emojis feature does not work as of now. but a long press on the message will bring up the emoji reactions, tapping the emojis does not do anything.

So, as of now, only preview is available, react to messages doesn’t show up in recipient WhatsApp messages, as because the feature is still in the beta, we are expecting Whatsapp to rollout stable and working React to message feature soon.

There is no official update from the WhatsApp side regarding the specific date for the feature’s release yet, currently only for released for Beta users. In the coming months, Working features might arrive on stable versions of WhatsApp, but as of now, it’s only in beta and not working.

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